hi. (:

I’m Ciwi. I’m about to embark onto a new chapter of my life. It’s all changing. At first it made me really uncomfortable, but now I’m starting to embrace the idea.

If I could tell you one thing about myself it would probably be that I’m passionate. Very passionate. About God, about the church, about life, about pink, about children, about chocolate, and about my BFF. The love of my life.


What are you passionate about?


§ 5 Responses to [Ciwi]

  • Bente says:

    Super side, gjett om jeg skal følge med deg!:)
    Godt å høre at turen gikk bra, virker som ting går bra og det gleder meg.
    Er en smule misunnelig her jeg sitter men unner deg det av hele mitt hjerte 😉

    Ber for deg ciwi venne

  • highmighty says:

    hello! it’s me again… 🙂

  • Benjamin says:

    Ciwi ich keine gemissen you litt..
    Und ich wanted til sei keep in kontakt.
    Du hast bin stillen su litt, ich habe nicht hørt from you still. 😛

    forstod du det?

  • mia says:

    ai låv ju å savne du<3
    ska på besøk t anne lise i morra…:)
    d komme snart takke kort…

  • Matthias says:

    hi ciwi!

    thanks for the words..!
    I am PUMPED to see you guys at Europe Conference!!!!!

    see you in like 2 weeks hey!

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