Pantone 1837

December 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Let’s be honest

Every girl loves Tiffany & Co. Every girl must have some secret dream of living a fabulous life à la Carrie Bradshaw (minus all the casual sex, extra wardrobe please) going to Tiffany & Co. picking out just that lucky little piece of jewellery to come home with them. The Tiffany blue little box, and that precious Tiffany blue bag, which of course will never ever be recycled, but treasured like the jewellery itself. I might be wrong. You might be in denial of loving Tiffany & Co. Or you might not have a clue who Carrie Bradshaw is. But like I said, let’s be honest. Every woman is created with the incredible feminine spirit of God, and I think this spirit not only comes with strength and dignity, but also a significant love for Tiffany & Co.

Personally, love is growing everyday. As this new life in my womb is growing, so is my God-given feminine spirit. This spirit that is calling me to come out of this 2 year old haze I’m still living in. A spirit that is maturing into motherhood. A spirit I am very grateful for. I do think though, that after the millions of doctor appointments I’m going through, worrying about carbs, diet, ketones, I deserve a little piece of treasure to symbolise the things I’m going through now for my other little treasure. Besides, I’m still just a girl. And I like shiny things.


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