in my kitchen

February 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

I love my kitchen – here’s some of our bits and pieces

The cookie book. Purchased to day! Total steal. Cookies baked = success

My moose cookie cutter. I think that needs to be my next cookie project

The little bamboo bowl. Absolute love

Jamie Oliver flavour shaker. Kind of sad they no longer had it in purple. But olive sort of fits.

Not to mention the Jamie Oliver non-stick frying pan and sauce pan. SO GOOD!

Marie Claire, Birdsong

What you would find in any decent kitchen

These make cupcakes even more beautiful

The cookie jar. Newest very much loved addition to our family.


Pardon me for the lack and inability of updating my own blog

Since last I’ve been jet-setting around the world (sort of). One of the places we dropped by (apart from LA, the UK, the Netherlands and Norway) was Paris – and oh my very goodness, it really is all it’s macked up to be. Although Parisians are quite rude, I had the most splendid time. We stayed with a couple from Hillsong Paris and their amazingly CUTE daughter Jeanne. ‘Voila, merciiiiiiii’. HEARTMELT!

Now on to preparing for a wonderful Sunday in our wonderful kid’s ministry.


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