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November 26, 2009 § 4 Comments

So I’ve entered into a life of unity with my new HUSBAND!! Yep, I’m a married woman now, and life = bliss. The wedding was beautiful, the weather was perfect – we even had a thunderstorm in the evening. Tomorrow we’re flying off on our honeymoon, which you just know is gonna be fantastic! Nothern hemisphere Christmas, thank you very much.


Here’s some pictures to keep you satisfied until next time

That’s right – I wore pink shoes (:

Little miss best flower girl ever!

That’s what happens when you get married in Sydney

The boys looking mighty handsome

Us girls looking mighty gorgeous

Beautiful people

Thank you for coming – please call again


It’s here

November 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

Oh my gosh. The wedding weekend is here. In 48 hours and 10 minutes I’m gonna walk down the aisle to become a wife. It’s scary and freak and so so so wonderful all at the same time! The dress is layed out, the shoes are worn in (yes, they’re PINK!), and the family politics are… almost taken care of, but that’s alright. We have the most amazing photographer (Anders KjĂžndal), and my heart is set on that whatever may go slightly wrong on the day is not gonna bug me. Cause it’s gonna be the most magnificent day ever.

You should feel the butterflies in my tummy.

oh and btw. here we are


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