How do you like me now?

May 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

In exactly 7 days I’ll be jumping on a plane (with my BFF!), but not going out of the country, just to the other side of it! It’s funny, a 5-hour flight from almost anywhere in Norway takes you to a different continent, but a 5-hour flight in Australia just takes you to the other side. I’m very much looking forward to 1) getting out of Sydney for a few days 2) getting to spend lots of quality time with James 3) getting to spend time with his family and 4) seeing their newly renovated house! I’m also hoping for a trip to a chocolate factory (: And oh, how could I forget, teaching his family aaaaalllllll about Norway and how to celebrate 17th of May! But before that I have two lots of cleaning, two playdates with Mikayla, house cleaning, a weekend in Hillsong Kids, a house inspection and packing. It’s sort of filled up-ish. (:

Last week was The Biggest Loser final here. It’s a realityshow that’s been going in Australia for a few seasons, where they take in about 20 people who are overweight and the goal is simply to lose the most weight. There are heaps of twists and turns and eliminations to get through of course, the Aussies love their drama, but in the end they were left with a final 4 who were weighing in against each other in the finals. In my head I fell in love with each one of them, and they were all winners in my head for the major lifechange they had been through, and one of them were simply gonna get the prize money. The winner was 56-year old Bob who had lost 87 kg from 167 kg! And it’s not like it’s a show that runs over a whole year. We’re talking 87 kg in 3-4 months here! It was absolutely insane. But what I love most about this show is that in the end it’s never about the money, or about who has lost the most percentage of their total body weight. In the end it’s all about the life change. Some of them came on the show so insecure, grown people, but so insecure about themselves, and in the end left the show with a great confidence in themselves. Some of the contestants regained their families, some regained their lives. It’s absolutely incredible to watch, and so inspiring, cause it makes you believe that you CAN change your life around.

– be the change

Bob and Tiffany before shot

Bob and Tiffany after shot


§ One Response to How do you like me now?

  • Hege says:

    Hi Honey!
    I did not know you had your own website! so from now on, you better be writing eeeeevery day,I need to hear how you are doing 🙂
    So much fun to hear from you, lovely girl!
    Hugs and kisses

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