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May 25, 2009 § 3 Comments

My ring is so shiny and sparkly it’s full on distracting! Here’s the story of how I got it

A year and a day ago, I was at home sick in my bed, talking to my best friend on MSN, when he decided to call me and ask me if I would be his girlfriend. He rang me at 10:57pm, and we talked about it as if I had said yes for about 20 minutes, but I hadn’t actually given him an answer. So at 11:17pm I rang him back and gave him the answer – ‘yes!’.

Last night, the 22nd of May, James kidnapped me to celebrate our first year together. I had my suspicions that something might happen, but I didn’t want to boost my hope in case I would be let down. Anyways, we first went to his house to dump his bag there (and pick up the ring!! which he had had for almost 2 weeks!!), then we went to San Churro, a chocolateria which is BETTER than Max Brenner! Crazy! We loaded up on chocolate until I was well and truly beyond full.
From there we went to Manly to the café where we had our first real date. We only had a short stop there for Diet Coke, cause they were closing, which was a bit sad.

After that he took me to Shelly Beach, a little place right next to Manly, where we also went on our first date. There’s an outlook over the ocean there, right on top of a cliff, and the beach is sort of coved in on the other side. It was crazy weather and the waves were huge, it was so cool! I think we arrived at around 10pm, and we went for a little walk on the little beach, and nearly got caught by the tide. I knew we were both waiting for the time to turn 10:57pm, and I was sort of still suspecting/hoping something would happen then, but 10:57pm came and nothing really happened. I must admit I was a little disappointed.

James suggested we walked back to the outlook, so we did and we sat down on the bench there and just talked for a little bit. I couldn’t feel it, but apparently James had a friend (thanks Ryan!) send him a text at 11:17pm so that his phone would buzz and he would know that it was time. I remember James saying his hands were cold, so he put them inside his jacket, reaching into his pocket for the ring, and held it in his hand for a few minutes. I know there was a lot of beautiful words being said, I just can’t remember them word for word, but he ended up taking my hand, looking me in the eyes and saying ‘I hope you won’t make me wait 20 minutes for an answer this time – will you do the adventure with me, will you marry me?’

I believe everyone can figure out themselves that I of course said yes (actually, I said ok.. lame), but yes. I GET TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!!!!! How blessed am I !!!!!




If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it

May 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

.. and so he did!

I’m getting married to my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! more to come on the subject (:

happy one year

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how could I not want to spend the rest of my life with you

How do you like me now?

May 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

In exactly 7 days I’ll be jumping on a plane (with my BFF!), but not going out of the country, just to the other side of it! It’s funny, a 5-hour flight from almost anywhere in Norway takes you to a different continent, but a 5-hour flight in Australia just takes you to the other side. I’m very much looking forward to 1) getting out of Sydney for a few days 2) getting to spend lots of quality time with James 3) getting to spend time with his family and 4) seeing their newly renovated house! I’m also hoping for a trip to a chocolate factory (: And oh, how could I forget, teaching his family aaaaalllllll about Norway and how to celebrate 17th of May! But before that I have two lots of cleaning, two playdates with Mikayla, house cleaning, a weekend in Hillsong Kids, a house inspection and packing. It’s sort of filled up-ish. (:

Last week was The Biggest Loser final here. It’s a realityshow that’s been going in Australia for a few seasons, where they take in about 20 people who are overweight and the goal is simply to lose the most weight. There are heaps of twists and turns and eliminations to get through of course, the Aussies love their drama, but in the end they were left with a final 4 who were weighing in against each other in the finals. In my head I fell in love with each one of them, and they were all winners in my head for the major lifechange they had been through, and one of them were simply gonna get the prize money. The winner was 56-year old Bob who had lost 87 kg from 167 kg! And it’s not like it’s a show that runs over a whole year. We’re talking 87 kg in 3-4 months here! It was absolutely insane. But what I love most about this show is that in the end it’s never about the money, or about who has lost the most percentage of their total body weight. In the end it’s all about the life change. Some of them came on the show so insecure, grown people, but so insecure about themselves, and in the end left the show with a great confidence in themselves. Some of the contestants regained their families, some regained their lives. It’s absolutely incredible to watch, and so inspiring, cause it makes you believe that you CAN change your life around.

– be the change

Bob and Tiffany before shot

Bob and Tiffany after shot

Show me your citrus peels!

May 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

Ok. I’m not gonna lie to you – it’s the beautiful month of May! For Norwegians it usually means bring on the bbq and the swimmers, summer is almost here! But for the Aussies, and us immigrants, it means bring on the electrical blankets and hot water bottles, our un-insulated houses are about to become igloos. Despite all that, May is going to be brilliant! It’s a month that’s been strongly anticipated for a whole year. On the 22nd is our 1 year anniversary! Yes, I know you’re probably sick of hearing about James, but it’s our 1 year anniversary! This first weekend has also been eagerly anticipated. A lot because we thought it was going to be the release weekend of High School Musical 3 on DVD, but it turned out it was on April 8th. Then lastly, we’re going to Perth! For 5 days! I’m pumped for that! James’ family is fun!

Ok. Enough ranting. I promise next post will be a seriouser one. (Hah, I made up a word!)

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