Love always faithfully.

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Hello peoples!

The weekend is over at this end of the world, and it’s been good. I had some much needed time with my BFF who’s working hard, and I got to play with all the beautiful kids in church. How they still keep their energy HIGH and PUMPED by 7.30 at night I do not know.. Plus I nanny-d Mikayla this morning. She’s such a beautiful little soul and we have the best time together.


I had two thoughts in my head this week. One was “Love always” and the second was “Love is faithful”. Today I put them together to “Love always faithfully”. To me that means that I love God always and faithfully with all of me, my thoughts, my deeds, basically my life. But it also means that I love His creation always and faithfully. His children – my family, His earth – my home, His House – the Church, me – my body – His temple. Love is such a powerful force. What does LOVE mean to you?



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You sit at the table with the wounded and the poor
You laugh and share stories with the thief and the whore

You are on our side

Eated up

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I have 16 mosquito bites on my feet. 10 on my left and 6 on my right. This may not be interesting to you, but it’s quite relevant to me. I guess I can only blame it on myself for never wearing socks in this country.

Still, life is brilliant. I proved to myself today that I in fact will be an amazing wife/mum someday – I got real value for my money grocery shopping today. Church over the weekend was fantastic! Hillsong Kids was even better! Rice crackers sure makes the kids pay attention. And in just over a month, James and I fly to Perth for 5 whole days (: We get to holiday together! And live in the same house (different rooms though!) again, which is just the best time ever!

Ok. The end for now
– Be the change


April 1, 2009 § 2 Comments

April is here! How nuts. 2009 is just gonna fly by, isn’t it?

We just came out of a double Colour Your World conference, and album recording, which was absolutely insane! The Sisterhood, women all over the world, is rising up as a mighty force of kindness, compassion and love. It’s unbelievable, the whisper has really become a shout! God is whispering in my ear, in James’ ear, in everyone’s ear. Prepare yourself for a revolution!

I’m reading a book called ‘Nurture’ by Lisa Bevere. It’s become such a heart-thing for me. God is teaching me new stuff, and it’s brilliant!! I’m really lost for words now, so here are some pictures.. (:


Beautiful Milla. She is the sweetest bub around!


Haha, I love this picture! @ Palm Beach, the home of Home & Away


The best playground in the world..


with the best man in the world! @ Good for the Soul day in Fagan Park


Train rides made awesome!


That would be me (:




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