March 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m sitting in my newly re-arranged room, at my desk, in candlelight, and I feel the need to tell the blog-sphere about how amazing love and life is. If you’re sick of hearing about me being in love, then I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I could be all ‘fjortis’ and tell you about what we did tonight, that we were sitting on a park bench watching the stars and were talking about how much we like each other, but I won’t.

I know so many people who disregard love. Claiming it doesn’t really exist, and if it does it’s just wish thinking, and not real. They say it’s too much pain in the world (but without pain would there be compassion?). Some people think love is all about the feeling, that I/ME should get what I/ME need out of this, so that I/ME can feel awesome. Who cares about the other part in the relationship? It saddens my heart, because love is so much more. I’m not saying that I have understood everything about love, but I know God who invented love. He is Love! We love because He loved us first. Even if we don’t love Him, He still loves us. Love is meant to be unconditional, unchangeable. Sadly, we have a selfish nature which causes our love to go with our emotions, when we are meant to love steadily. But even as an imperfect human being, I get to love God back. With everything I am, and it’s such a privilege. Because He sees my love as beautiful and precious, and He does not take it for granted, like we tend to take someone else’s love for granted.

I also get to love this amazing man. I’m not saying we’re fully educated about love, but I think we have done the journey so far very well. We’ve been together for 9 1/2 months, but spent 7 of those months apart. Still I feel like we’ve come further than most couples I see. We’re still learning about each other, but we’re also willing to work hard, to compromise, and to make our love a committment and not just a swingy emotion. In return we get to be in a flourishing relationship and we get to love and be loved with all our hearts. The fact that he’s a ridiculously good kisser, and that he is gorgeous and hot is just a massive perk!!  (:

There ends my rambling for the night I think.
Be love.


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