I am triumphant and rejoicing!

March 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Brooke (Fraser) Lidgerwood blows my mind every day! Last night in church, in response to Pastor Brian asking her how she were, she said ‘I am triumphant and rejoicing!’. The way she sees things and how she uses her words is so beyond our generation. We are triumphant and have reason to rejoice every day, but we forget so easily. I think Jesus thinks about me “oh ye of little faith” every morning I wake up, but I also know He proclaims victory over me every day. I just need to get better at grasping it. January and February 2009 have been harder than I wanted them to be, but I am triumphant and rejoicing in certainty that 2009 will be the best year ever!

The itenerary for 09 is also filling up. Tonight James and I are having dinner with his dad who is in Sydney with work. Colour Your World Conference (1 and 2!) and album recording is coming up in 3 weeks! James’ mum booked us tickets for flights to Perth in May, so I’ll be spending Søttende Mai there. They won’t know the Norwegian patriotism until it’s hit them! May also contains the Australian release of High School Musical 3 on dvd (which we’ve gotten from the US of A anyways), some amazing James and Ciwi time the first weekend, and Happy One Year!! I can’t believe it’s only in 2 months! Then in July there’s Hillsong Conference and Kidsong World, and the hopeful arrival of a very special guest, Thomas Knutsen! Later in July there’s a new College intake which will be exciting. The Autumn/Spring months depend very much on what happens in the Spring/Autumn months, but I expect them to be packed right to the edges as well. I love life (:



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