Risk of changing

January 31, 2009 § 4 Comments

It’s Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday is the day when I’m going to my brother’s house to sleep over. After that comes Monday. Monday is the day that makes the butterflies in my tummy fly up a storm! It’s the day where I set my foot on a plane which will be the start of a new season and a new adventure.

I can’t believe it’s been 7 months already since I came to Norway from Australia. I remember it felt like 7 months were gonna be a whole lifetime, and now I’m all of a suddenly packed up again and ready to go back. It’s crazy. I’m flying alone this time which makes it a bit scary, but only until I get to Sydney. Once I get to Sydney it’s gonna be amazing and scary all at the same time. But scary good. It means I can be in a place in my life where God once again gets to do what He does best, and I will actually let Him. I’ll be out of my comfort zone, which is the best place to be, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

All that’s left now is to finish up the packing down of my room and to say my goodbyes (and also shave my legs. welcome summer!). It’s sad and happy face at the same time. But you’re very welcome to visit me in Sydney. It’s actually not that far away



§ 4 Responses to Risk of changing

  • HV says:

    Fly alene er igrunnen ganske fint også 🙂

  • Lise says:


    Høres så spennende at du skal tilbake dit. Skal du gå et år til på Hillsong College eller skal du gjøre noe helt annet?

  • ciwi says:

    Helge: Ja, det blir litt spennende. Har liksom ikke gjort det før alle de en gangene jeg har flydd til Australia. :p

    Lise: Jeg skal jobbe en liten stund først før jeg begynner på College igjen. Vet ikke helt om det blir om 6 eller 12 måneder, men vi får se. (:

  • Anna says:

    babe! I really want to do Max Brenner’s with you. right now! But I guess I have to wait till you actually get here..

    btw – har fått ny blogg (igjen..) annaringvold.com

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