Season Greetings

December 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Christmas has been. It was weird and lovely at the same time. Bit weird because I think I fell out of the normal Christmas habit last year, and because I want to move on now, and more than anything create new Christmas traditions. Lovely because we were all together and the kids were here and it was great. The highlight was little Benji whispering to his mum auntie looks really pretty, after we had done our glucose-tests together. Mayhem is also a word to describe it.. 5 kids in one living room opening all their presents at the same time. Yeah..

I got to spend awesome quality time with my BFF on Skype, which was awesome! For Christmas he got me a coffee-machine!!!! It’s waiting for me in Sydney, so I better get back there. (Maybe that’s why he got it?!) Also, since it was my 21st birthday he got me 21 little surprises. (: It was lovely! There was a boquet of roses, Tim Tam’s(!) and Gloria Jean’s coffee, just to mention some. Oh, and this GORGEOUS KikkiK planner for 2009. It’s PINK!! YES!! All things pink!!!

Here’s the pictures

our Christmas tree – decorated by me at about 1am


pretty roses (:


AND I got Aussie Diet Coke!!


the overflow at my brother’s house


Digging through the ocean of presents


It doesn’t take much to make me smile


floor or paper?


Crank it UP!


mine – I wish!


how my brother rolls





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