Infamous sleep

December 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

Sleep. The lack of it. I have a well known syndrom which comes and goes as it wishes. It’s called insomnia. At especially stressful times, or at times when I’m waiting for something big, say a Visa process, the insomnia kicks in big time.

When it comes insomnia and Australia, it usually (I mean both times) kicks in about 2 months before I fly out. It is now 2 months until I fly out, and the insomnia is ridiculously accurate. The current theme that keeps me awake is my application for an Australia Visa. Last year when we applied for it, it took them literally 5 minutes to receive, process and grant our student visas. This time, it seems they intend to spend some more time looking at it. And it’s driving me nuts. I want to know NOW!! (have I mentioned I’m a very impatient person?)

So dear Visa- granting people. If you read this – I think you all are so great!!! Please grant me access to your amazing country!!


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