New Chapters

December 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

I sure was right with my thinking that God is up to something way new for me this upcoming season, and I sure was right re-naming my blog “new chapters”. Because there sure will be some.

The big news is I’m not going to College in January. I’m still going back to Sydney, because let’s face it, why wouldn’t you? Due to financial reasons, I’m not able to pay my College fees, so I need to wait some more before I can go back to class. But I’m going to Australia on a working holiday. Basically the immigration department lets you come to Australia on a 12 month holiday, whilst you can work to pay your way through it. For me it means getting to go back to the church and the ministry that I love, to the man that I love, and I get to be in a place where I believe God wants me. Plus I get to work and make money and go on trips, and have much more freedom to do other stuff, than I would be if I would be doing Colllege. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to do College again, but I’m really excited about the change and the new adventure that God has put before me. It’s not like all of this is coincidental. Also I’m very pumped because I have found flights for very cheap! Life is good!

Ps. is my new favourite site!


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