November 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

When you have your BFF/boyfriend/love of your life 10 hours ahead of you, it’s hard to get some sleep sometimes. Like now is a classic example. I come home from something, it’s Friday night in Norway, Saturday morning in Australia. Perfect conditions. Except for the time when I have to go to work Saturday morning. Let’s see if we can maybe just postpone that…

Tonight we went to Kvinesdal with our youth team to visit Gen X which is the youth ministry there. It was pretty cool. We had a great worship team, the dancers were awesome, and we had the best drama team ever. x) And we had some fun times, and ice cream!! We had ice cream. Sara also suggested that I should make James wear pink pants like Ryan does in HSM3. I thought it was a great idea. James did not concur

the end for now. i think sleep is a good idea


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