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We had a random trip to Ikea this weekend on our way back from Hurstville. It was amazing! Tons of people made it a bit .. well.. crowded, but I still got to buy Ballerina cookies!! And Swedish meatball gravy. Awesome!


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Pictures from 16th and 17th of may can be found here:

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Hurra for 17. mai som vi er så gla’ i!

Pictures coming later, as I am tired beyond reason.

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This is my empty Strawberry Frappo cup from Starbucks. It is empty because Starbucks Strawberry Frappo’s are the best thing in the world.

Not much sensible stuff to say today..

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You never know what’s around the bend
A big adventure or a brand new friend
When you’re curious like Curious George


Well everything is so glorious
And everything is wondrous
There’s more to explore when you open the door
And meet friends like this, you just can’t miss

Get curious, that’s marvelous
And that’s your reward
You’ll never be bored if you ask yourself ‘what is this?’
Like Curious, like Curious, Curious George.


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Happy Anniversary to my parents! 41 years of marriage! You’re the reason I believe in marriage.

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My Kids. My Hillsong Kids.

Where God taught me what’s real in my life. What genuine worship is. What kids ministry really means. And He showed me the way to go. Ain’t nothing like it.

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