# 67 (Servanthood)

January 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

Bless the Lord. I’m in the very passionate mode now, so English will be the proper language for now. Today was orientation for all the new students and i was asked last minute to do stage managing which always is fun, but scary. We had Christine Caine and Sanga come in to preach for the newbies which was pretty awesome. I rocked up in church at 7.30 am, gotta love the call times, and stayed until orientation was over at 2.30 pm. It was mind blowing because you look at them, and they’re so fired up and all getting the servanthood preaching thrown at them and you remember how this was you almost 7 months ago. Chris spoke an amazing message on how people tend to fall off the wave of passion which is very strong in late teens, but not so much when you start to hit 40. And God just spoke to me on how true that is and I just don’t wanna be a fall off. I want to keep going until the literally very end. She also spoke on how you can not become an over the night superstar in God’s Kingdom. If God can’t trust you in the little, how can He trust you with bigger things? She has an amazing testimony of several years of cleaning toilet and putting out chairs before she even spoke a word on a platform.. And all because of preparation. In Bible College she wasn’t joking off, but she stayed committed and kept serving 24/7. It’s so mind blowing. I sat to myself thinking this is what I want. This is it. And I really re-committed myself almost to the cause of Christ. It’s absolutely amazing. I love serving.. And God is faithful

Straight after I went to the Kids office to help out. So Jamie, my most amazing leader, set me to do activity sheets for 2 weekends. Basically it’s a sheet with something to do for the children during KDG time. I was kinda scared, as I real am with everything else in Kids, but pastor Jess really liked it. I could hardly believe it.. and now it’s gonna be used in the end of February at BOTH the City and Hills campus. Hello God’s faithfulness. I would say it’s my graphic design skills popping out, but we all know who gave me my gifts and talents.

After that I actually had a break at home. :p and then I went to Jamie for connect (bible) group. We have lots of new girls and they’re all so amazing, and I got to serve them too by making the dip. (: I caught myself in being a bit grumpy during cooking, so I just started asking God to renew my servant heart. And God, He will do it. He’s totally amazing.

God is really molding and shaping me into kid’s ministry and I’m really passionate about it. I never expected me to want to work with children. Never in a million years just because children actually scare me sometimes, but God has it all mapped out. I’m so blessed and excited to be so involved in Hillsong Kids. Without even being a Children’s ministry student. It’s all God

I love you (:


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