# 44 (first day of school)

July 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

Today was the first day of school (: yey. It was absolutely heaps fun. We started of in the beautiful new Chapel building of Hillsong where they do their weddings. It was just awesome to start of the day with praise and worship as a family and team. Mark Hopkins, executive vice president of the college then spoke to us, made heaps fun of us Norwegians  (but just because he really loves us) and how we use the other word for dirt, which isn’t so good in English, and then he said that the best way to exceed in English and to avoid communities of nations is to use English, even when you’re talking with your fellow Norwegians or whatever. So now it’s mostly everything in English.

Then we had Lee Burn(sie) up who used to be Dean of Students, and now is the Principle of Hills Campus. He’s really an awesome Australian, and he remembered Anna and I from New Generation last September. That was really cool (: Although the man has some issues about some certain subjects.. Like the three B’s in dress code.. Back, belly and.. well, yeah the girls. :p well done..

Anyways, for morning tea we had a barbie. Not exactly Gilde, but it works.  And we got to meet all the new students and I finally got to meet Deevon who I met on Facebook before I came here. He’s really cool (: After that we did the enrolment process.. I got my card burned of a lot, but it’s all good. God is great and my providor, a m e n .

Tonight we had W&CA night @ church, so we decided to stay there instead of riding back to Glenwood and then back to church. So we helped James, really the sweetest girl ever, I love her, with setting up registration for Kids Choir and we stayed there to check it out. Aussie kids rock, that is all I have to say 😀 I’m going with James to Kids on Saturday night, so that will be really cool to check out and see if I wanna get involved. There’s also Kidsfest on October 10th with the Kids album recording, so there’s heaps to look forward to. 😀

I really love this place. All is well
Love ❤


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