# 31 (45 to go!)

May 23, 2007 § Leave a comment

Today it’s 45 days til departure : D hooray!! And the last few days my greatest worries has been how on earth I would hold up with the pressure of taking care of my diabetes. As a Norwegian student in Australia I have the same health-rights as in Norway, but it would be something like this : Go to an Aussie-doctor, get a prescription, go to the pharmacy, buy my insulin, get the receipt, send it to dad in Norway, daddy sending it to Folketrygden (won’t bother translate it :p) and then i’ll have my money back. As insulin is expencive, and a letter from Australia to Norway travels for about a week, this would be just a huge and stressful way to do it.

But oh glory when I found a Norwegian girl with diabetes who used to study in USA and travelled there with a years supply of medications. So today I talked to my doctor and he was like “yeah, sure no problem” when I asked if that was possible to do for me. Lately I’ve been feeling like God isn’t really here for me. I just so want to be healed from my diabetes, but instead I got more sick today. But after talking to my doctor today I couldn’t do anything but give praise to my God who comes through no matter what.

He told me “just like your dad on the earth has taken care of you for so many years, I will take care of you for eternity”

I love my God! Glory time all the time! : D


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