# 32 (a Jesus Revolution is the o n l y solution!)

May 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

alright! tonight we went to the “hundred hearts” concert @ Sion Moi. totally awesome! Stephan Christiansen really preached so good and I was so inspired and totally assured that sometime I will join the Jesus Revolution Army.

Also got to see the concert-team from last weekend again, and I got to say goodbye to Rudi. Can’t believe I won’t be seeing him for over a year. gosh. It’s totally 39, t h i r t y  n i n e, days until we leave! awesome!!

– what is the best for the Kingdom, yeah


# 31 (45 to go!)

May 23, 2007 § Leave a comment

Today it’s 45 days til departure : D hooray!! And the last few days my greatest worries has been how on earth I would hold up with the pressure of taking care of my diabetes. As a Norwegian student in Australia I have the same health-rights as in Norway, but it would be something like this : Go to an Aussie-doctor, get a prescription, go to the pharmacy, buy my insulin, get the receipt, send it to dad in Norway, daddy sending it to Folketrygden (won’t bother translate it :p) and then i’ll have my money back. As insulin is expencive, and a letter from Australia to Norway travels for about a week, this would be just a huge and stressful way to do it.

But oh glory when I found a Norwegian girl with diabetes who used to study in USA and travelled there with a years supply of medications. So today I talked to my doctor and he was like “yeah, sure no problem” when I asked if that was possible to do for me. Lately I’ve been feeling like God isn’t really here for me. I just so want to be healed from my diabetes, but instead I got more sick today. But after talking to my doctor today I couldn’t do anything but give praise to my God who comes through no matter what.

He told me “just like your dad on the earth has taken care of you for so many years, I will take care of you for eternity”

I love my God! Glory time all the time! : D

# 30 (Here I am, living for Your glory!)

May 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

Oh, I love Tim Hughes newest album. Check it out!

Other stuff to love:
* God
* Schtina und Anna
* und everybody at the Fill
* memories from our London-trip to HCE last fall
* Hillsong
* God!
* the meaning of love and grace and forgiveness
* and that very special one.. ^^;

Happy 17th of May, all ya’ll Norwegians : D  xD

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Tell me of a time when all this gray wasn’t such a fight
A road I’d stay on for so long
How long have I been this way?
I’m so addicted to feeling guilty
Like the edge of a cliff, it’s about to kill me
All the reasons why You wouldn’t want to love me

Could I be loved by You?
I’ve got so much to prove

So tell me when this night is over
And the curtain falls
That I will know the truth
When it’s the only thing that’s standing tall

Still I know it’s like pulling teeth
To try and convince me
That Your mercy can be bigger than what I deserve
I guess I’m just afraid to go head first
Into such a wave, drowning in wonder and peace
Knowing that it will never make sense
That I am loved by You, really loved by You

So tell me when this night is over
And the curtain falls
That I will know the truth
When it’s the only thing that’s standing tall

Unchangeable, unconquerable
Immovable, irremovable
Unwavering, untiring
Unflinching, stubborn love of God

So tell me when this night is over
And the curtain falls
That I will know the truth
When it’s the only thing that’s standing tall

– Bethany Dillon ❤

beautiful beautiful Beth. I love her!

# 29 (always coca cola)

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Today I just have to say that I’ve laid my love on the Coca Cola Company. Due to their co-operation with iTunes and other peoples Cola addiction I have been able to download all of Bethany Dillons new album (which is gorgeous btw!) and half of John Reubens new album.

Oh joy ^^;

# 28 (thought)

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Why walk when you can dance?


# 27 (acts of faith)

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Like God clothed Adam and Eve even though they failed.
Like God cared for Noah in the storm.
Like God cared for Abraham in unfamiliar places.
Like God raised Moses.
Like God fed His people in the desert.
Like God stood by David, and made the last be the first.
Like God rose Jesus from the dead.

I know He will care for me, ’cause we have a history together.
And together we’re making
new history
in His power, living in me.

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