# 14 (cry)

April 6, 2007 § 1 Comment

 4-5 I’m not trying to get my way
in the world’s way.
I’m trying to get your way,
your Word’s way.
I’m staying on your trail;
I’m putting one foot
In front of the other.
I’m not giving up.

6-7 I call to you, God, because I’m sure of an answer.
So—answer! bend your ear! listen sharp!
Paint grace-graffiti on the fences;
take in your frightened children who
Are running from the neighborhood bullies
straight to you.

– psalm 17, the message

I want my friends and family to know You, Jesus, just the way You are. Not this twisted image this world has of You, but the image of pure love and grace which can only be found in You.

Lord, rip me of myself. Let be a sharp tool for Your Kingdom.
I need You, oh God. Fill me with compassion and love.

from my heart to Yours. I love You.

Warrior. Princess. Daughter.


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