# 13 (the “a” in “love”)

April 4, 2007 § 2 Comments

A-ustralia is nothing but pure love. I tell you, life’s good, but will be even better in ‘STRAYLIA!  there, the daily glory on Aussie-land ^^,

 A-nna is also nothing but love. This gorgeous chick will be my roomie for a whole year (good luck), and I simply can’t wait. wohoo 😀
And her latest post (no. 5) is really worth reading. !

No, I’m out of “smart” things to say. bajbaj

Life is just as good as  p i n k ❤


§ 2 Responses to # 13 (the “a” in “love”)

  • ringviolence says:

    hey. once again: can’t wait to share ‘straylia with you. and if there was a roomies-of-the-year award we would totally win the one for 2007 😀

    (i thought malin would just love me putting her at my blog 😉

    see ya

  • ringviolence says:

    yeah! a really big one bigger than new-year-one 😀 we could say

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