# 12 (Passion)

April 1, 2007 § 3 Comments

Easter is here. Again. Easter is good. Simply because God is good.

Passion was also good. ^^, It’s so amazing to see the youth in their passion of their Saviour. Kåre preached yesterday about commercials and slogan, and showed us 7 slogans about Jesus. Good stuff ^^, He had written them on signs and today we got our hands on them. The result was excited and passionate youth from Lyngdal, Kvinesdal and Flekkefjord standing along the trafficated road literally telling the cars that “Jesus loves you”, “Jesus saves”, “Jesus answers prayers” and lot’s more. It was all good. ^^, Respect on the “kvindøls” and “flækkises”. luh. I love them ❤


Life is nice price. ^^, (good stuff, Linda)

Come to the Fill on Saturday! 20:00
Drama and worship and glorious preaching. Benji is leading. xD good stuff
Jesus will be there. Good chance for you to meet Him. ^^,

LoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLove ❤

EDIT:: I was blog of the minute today on WordPress. ^^,
so funny


§ 3 Responses to # 12 (Passion)

  • ringviolence says:

    what’s with all the ^^s? anyways, you “seemed” quite pumped in my comment.. party @ ringvold’s tomorrow, yey

  • helgavic says:

    solbrillene er synnøves. de mafo har på seg, de er mine.

  • ciwi says:

    can’t you see what ^^, is?? you’re far behind then. and don’t you diss my pumpiness. it’s here to stay.

    helgapelga, i want synnøves sunglasses. :p

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