# 6 (oh gosh)

March 6, 2007 § 2 Comments

So tomorrow (or technically today) I’m (hopefully, if I’ve got the guts for it) doing something that I’ve never dared to do before. Presenting some of my own lyrics to the band (Fillsong ❤)

I’m well aware that sharing is caring, but sharing my lyrics and words to others is something I don’t really care so much about. Still, I believe that it is something I have to do. Just to see if it works.. But it’s all like what if they think it’s ridiculous or hate it or something. I mean, we’re not talking about “just words” here. It’s my heart you know.. So to me it’s a big step. (If I dare, that is) But I seriously hope I do. Cause what if they actually like what’s in my heart? Hm..

Well, anyways, the song (yes, it’s actually a song. just without the chords and stuff:p) is about how the world can’t break us when we stand in Christ. Cause we are so unbelievably strong when we walk in Christ. Gnarly! 😀

Freedom is found in Him
My heart I lost
Gained life again

– Ciwi ❤



Breakfast in London ❤ Anna, you are so beautiful!


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