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I figure it’s time for my annual blog post.

But oh my word, where to even start.

I’m so grateful. So way beyond grateful. In my 35 weeks of pregnancy I never thought it would be this good, and I would be this grateful. I dare say I don’t think I knew love before the birth of my son – and even now I probably only know a tiny little portion of our Father’s love.

Paris :hearts: came to us quicker than we had thought. 35+1 I was when the doctors recommended we delivered him because of issues with the flow of blood in the umbilical cord, the one thing connecting us, the one thing that helped me nurture him. I managed to get out of a cesarean that day. But the next morning it didn’t look so good, and the next thing I knew I was being cut and pulled at.

With the curtain hanging over my chest I had no idea what was going on, my husband had disappeared, ready with the camera. I felt very, well, not much different than I had felt the last 24 hours. Quite helpless. Then the moment that I didn’t know would change my life came. He cried for the first time. I couldn’t see him. But I could hear him. Him, who in that second, took my whole heart, who I knew then I would give everything I have for.

I’ve never known love like this, and I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful I can know this love, I’m so grateful to have his love. And I’m so grateful for our Father’s love. To give His one and only Son for us, I still can’t understand it. But now it’s because I could never sacrifice my own son like that.

Love with your whole heart


Pantone 1837

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Let’s be honest

Every girl loves Tiffany & Co. Every girl must have some secret dream of living a fabulous life à la Carrie Bradshaw (minus all the casual sex, extra wardrobe please) going to Tiffany & Co. picking out just that lucky little piece of jewellery to come home with them. The Tiffany blue little box, and that precious Tiffany blue bag, which of course will never ever be recycled, but treasured like the jewellery itself. I might be wrong. You might be in denial of loving Tiffany & Co. Or you might not have a clue who Carrie Bradshaw is. But like I said, let’s be honest. Every woman is created with the incredible feminine spirit of God, and I think this spirit not only comes with strength and dignity, but also a significant love for Tiffany & Co.

Personally, love is growing everyday. As this new life in my womb is growing, so is my God-given feminine spirit. This spirit that is calling me to come out of this 2 year old haze I’m still living in. A spirit that is maturing into motherhood. A spirit I am very grateful for. I do think though, that after the millions of doctor appointments I’m going through, worrying about carbs, diet, ketones, I deserve a little piece of treasure to symbolise the things I’m going through now for my other little treasure. Besides, I’m still just a girl. And I like shiny things.


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please check out and read her entries about her trip with Compassion to Kenya

it changed my life, and I hope it will change yours too

in my kitchen

February 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

I love my kitchen – here’s some of our bits and pieces

The cookie book. Purchased to day! Total steal. Cookies baked = success

My moose cookie cutter. I think that needs to be my next cookie project

The little bamboo bowl. Absolute love

Jamie Oliver flavour shaker. Kind of sad they no longer had it in purple. But olive sort of fits.

Not to mention the Jamie Oliver non-stick frying pan and sauce pan. SO GOOD!

Marie Claire, Birdsong

What you would find in any decent kitchen

These make cupcakes even more beautiful

The cookie jar. Newest very much loved addition to our family.


Pardon me for the lack and inability of updating my own blog

Since last I’ve been jet-setting around the world (sort of). One of the places we dropped by (apart from LA, the UK, the Netherlands and Norway) was Paris – and oh my very goodness, it really is all it’s macked up to be. Although Parisians are quite rude, I had the most splendid time. We stayed with a couple from Hillsong Paris and their amazingly CUTE daughter Jeanne. ‘Voila, merciiiiiiii’. HEARTMELT!

Now on to preparing for a wonderful Sunday in our wonderful kid’s ministry.

one + one = one

November 26, 2009 § 4 Comments

So I’ve entered into a life of unity with my new HUSBAND!! Yep, I’m a married woman now, and life = bliss. The wedding was beautiful, the weather was perfect – we even had a thunderstorm in the evening. Tomorrow we’re flying off on our honeymoon, which you just know is gonna be fantastic! Nothern hemisphere Christmas, thank you very much.


Here’s some pictures to keep you satisfied until next time

That’s right – I wore pink shoes (:

Little miss best flower girl ever!

That’s what happens when you get married in Sydney

The boys looking mighty handsome

Us girls looking mighty gorgeous

Beautiful people

Thank you for coming – please call again

It’s here

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Oh my gosh. The wedding weekend is here. In 48 hours and 10 minutes I’m gonna walk down the aisle to become a wife. It’s scary and freak and so so so wonderful all at the same time! The dress is layed out, the shoes are worn in (yes, they’re PINK!), and the family politics are… almost taken care of, but that’s alright. We have the most amazing photographer (Anders Kjøndal), and my heart is set on that whatever may go slightly wrong on the day is not gonna bug me. Cause it’s gonna be the most magnificent day ever.

You should feel the butterflies in my tummy.

oh and btw. here we are


three weeks

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In three weeks I will be a wife. I think that is all for now – it’s more than enough to make my heart smile (: